Chiropractic Testimonials

“I came to Dr. King because I had neck pain that was getting worse and affecting how my hands were working. I also had a history of chronic sciatica, but I had learned to live with that. The test showed that I had major degeneration happening in my upper and lower spine that would take a lot of work. Well, we are into that work now and I must say that my neck is the best it has been in years and my hands work great! There is even major improvement in the sciatica. Chiropractic definitely works!”

- John F.

“You have treated many of my symptoms, one of them being side effects of a couple of whiplashes suffered more than 10 years ago. With your undivided attention to our complaints, you have managed to find the right treatment when other “medical professionals” have either been neglectful, minimizing or simply discounting our symptoms…. I can’t say enough, but what I can do is share my feedback with others and encourage them to come and see you! Thank you.”

- Liane G.

“I first brought my daughter to see David because of a back problem she was having. After seeing her improvements I decided to give it a try. I had pain and tightness in my abdomen for years and no one knew what was causing it. Since following David’s recommendations and advice I have seen dramatic improvements. Thank you David.”

- Gail J.

“I had constant headaches and my shoulders were always so tight. I couldn’t sleep well and was always so uptight. Now, 2 months later, I am a NEW ME! I haven’t had a headache in 4 weeks and I don’t even feel my shoulders at all now. I even get a restful night’s sleep every night. If you are wondering if you should give chiropractic with Dr. King a try I strongly urge you to do so. Thank you David!”

- Sharon R.

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