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    In March 2022, I was experiencing huge pain in my right shoulder 8.5/10 (and I gave birth 3 times lol), pain that was preventing me from sleeping and using my arm for daily activities. The « regular medicine » was only offering me pain killers but I wanted to heal from the source of the problem, not cover it!


    After one treatment with Isabel and Dr David, the pain was down to 4/10 and after a few treatments in a row, I was using my arm again with no pain at all. I now go every couple of weeks for a « tune up » and I am so grateful to feel good again and to sleep well.


    I can share with you that Isabel and Dr David’s technique works, their approach is very human and they really care for your well being. If you are experiencing pain right now, I invite you to call them… Your body will thank you for acting on it!


    Merci Isabel et Dr David, my heart is filled with gratitude for knowing you. You to make such a difference in people ‘ s life!


    -Nathalie Delisle



    Highly recommend Dr.King for anyone who has suffered concussions- I saw improvement after my first visit! Truly changed my life.


    - Molly Hotson



    I went to see Dr. King for nerve pain in my tooth that was triggered during a cleaning. He quickly assessed what was wrong and immediately began treatment. My pain was gone in 2 treatments! No medications and no trip back to the dentist.


    I also went to him for my injured shoulder. He helped with the nerve issues and treatment were extremely positive. I highly recommend him to whom are dealing with nerve pain.


    -Fariba Panah



    I've been working with Isabel for the past 3 months and I can not recommend her whole body approach enough. My initial treatments focused on post concussion syndrome but other injuries have been successfully healed with her approach. Both her and Dr. King take a keen interest in new technologies that can improve patient outcomes.


    -Cathy Richards



    Diagnosed with Shingles in Nov, led to neuropathy, pins and needles in feet, numbness in legs. Dr. King hooked me up with a Tens Unit to stimulate the nerves. Amazing, one treatment and I see a remarkable difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Kings expertise and dedication to helping anyone with neurological issues. 😊😊


    -Branda Blandford



    Highly recommend Dr. King to anyone who has or is suffering from post concussion symptoms or TBI.


    After suffering for over 3 years with a headache from a medium to severe concussion, I no longer have to use painkillers for my constant headache.


    I don't understand the science, techniques, methodology used or how he is able to do what he does, all I know is I no longer wake up with a headache every morning. I occasionally get headaches now and then, but not even close to what I've suffered over the past 3 years. It's like waking up after a bad dream. I am so much more aware than I was before. No words can describe my gratitude, Dr. King.


    -Jeff Baldwin



    A friend recommended Dr. King to me and I thought "why not?" as I had been suffering from chronic back pain at night related to Crohn's disease. I didn't have many expectations, but I knew that my friend had a high standard for proper care. After a few sessions some of the relentless stabbing pains I had in my back disappeared for good. A few months later, the rest of the diffuse pain along my spine had nearly vanished. Along the way, Dr. King's treatments of old injuries I had suffered to my knees and spine/back led to a general remission of inflammatory symptoms I was having due to Crohn's disease, even though I had struggled with strong medications. I followed up treatment with Isabel, his colleague, and over time we were able to almost entirely eliminate my back pain. I feel as if I'm in the best shape of my life due to this new found energy. Before, I was sluggish, tired, irritable and anxious, but now I feel as if I have too much energy sometimes. More importantly, I feel like I have my life back and I can finally enjoy sleep again! Thank you Dr. David King and Isabel Velasco!


    -Jean-Phillipe Tardif



    Ma fille et moi avons eu la chance d’avoir des traitements avec Isabel et David. En plus, d’avoir une approche efficace qui se concentre sur la source du problème, tous les deux font preuve d’empathie et d’humanité envers leurs patients. Ils répondent à toutes nos questions de manière simple et rigoureuse. Ce sont des professionnels très inspirants. Thank you Isabel and David


    (Translated by Google) My daughter and I were lucky enough to have treatments with Isabel and David. In addition, having an effective approach that focuses on the source of the problem, both show empathy and humanity towards their patients. They answer all our questions in a simple and rigorous way. They are very inspiring professionals. Thank you Isabel and David.


    -Martine Tanguay



    My whole family sees Dr. King! I would highly recommend his services. He has helped me with headaches and my overall health, including pelvic pain I was having. Results are noticeable after just one visit.


    -Jessica Markham



    Isabel is the most outstanding osteopath that I have seen. I was always very active but broke my back and gave myself a brain trauma in 2017. Outside of my back surgeon, Isabel was the most important element to my recovery which included a number of world renowned physios and trainers. She is so dedicated and has an innate feel for where your weaknesses lie. She really listens to your body and is able to correct it. Over many months she worked across my whole body to make sure that all my muscles were firing and balanced. She is one of a kind. Cares more for your wellbeing than you do yourself at times. A great practitioner and a great person.


    -Toby Watson



    I first went to Dr. King in great pain. I was a believer after that first session. It was evident that he is a kind and understanding person. He has a great knowledge of the body and knows how it all works together. I looked forward to every appointment knowing I would receive excellent care and there would be some healing laughter.


    -Diane Gaul



    Dr. King is a honest, genuine healer. He has an extensive knowledge of the human body and its systems, and has been especially helpful to me personally as I have been receiving ongoing treatment for about two years.


    Dr. King's treatment has enabled me to experience less pain, have increased mobility and flexibility, as well as increased stamina.


    I was optimistic but skeptical during my first few visits but started feeling better after just a few visits.


    Dr. King is receptive to discussing new concerns and, sometimes surprisingly, is able to provide unexpected relief you may not think was in his repertoire.


    While I don't understand some of what he does, I do understand feeling better. It may seem strange to some, but it works, and Dr. King is a good practitioner of it.


    -Derek Noble



    Dr King has been very helpful to me over the past year. He has been able to help me with neck and shoulder problems that had plagued me for years. Just when I thought he couldn't improve, he was able to work his magic again. In just one visit he eliminated post root canal pain! He is truly a miracle worker!


    -Paula Colwell



    Dr. King goes beyond regular chiropractics to unblock neural pathways and help your body heal itself. He really gets to the root of your problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic pain as I was, he is incredibly kind and truly cares about your well-being.


    -Kai Dean



    I have spent years bouncing around between physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and traditional chiropractics to treat pain in my hip, shoulder and neck. In just a few treatments, Dr. King was able to help me be pain free again!


    My mother who was living with sciatic nerve pain for over a year can now walk again.


    He even helped my 12 year old daughter regain mobility after having fractured and dislocated her elbow. Dr. King is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services.


    -Ingrid Khouzam



    Professional, knowledgeable and a great person. Really actually cares for you and wants to help you. Would recommend him to anyone for anything.


    -Melanie Van Dyk