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  • Important Phone Number Update

    There are currently some issues with our office phone.

    Our temporary number is


    Please call or text this number if you are trying to reach us.

    Thank you.

  • OCO Fee Schedule

    Time Based Fee Structure*

    Hourly rate of 240.00

    New Patient Appointment

    Duration range of 60-90 minutes.

    Fee range of 240.00 - 360.00

    Established Patient Appointment

    Duration range of 30-60 minutes.**

    Fee range of 120.00-240.00

    Please Note

    *Time required is inclusive of check in & check out time and depends upon case complexity and expertise required.


    **60 minutes will be required if:

    • It has been more than 100 days since your last appointment.
    • You have a new injury, illness, or condition.
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