A Revolutionary Therapy Using the Power of Electromagnetic Fields

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    Cutting Edge Treatment

    With the Magnetolith we can active new regenerative and restorative possibilities in treatment and rehabilitation.

    You can receive treatment for degenerative joint diseases, chronic pain, sports injuries, and more quickly and effectively.


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    Advanced Technology

    EMTT® differs from general forms of electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF due to its high oscillation frequency of 100 – 300 kHz. EMTT® is 40% stronger than PEMF and enables a higher penetration depth of 18 cm working at a cellular and nerve level rather than only addressing muscles.

  • EMTT: A New Therapy for MSK and Nerve Pain

    How does it work?

    Magnetolith EMTT® uses high energy magnetic fields for regeneration and rehabilitation at a cellular level. The treatment initiates an anti-inflammatory response, reducing pain and inflammation in affected areas of the body, making it perfect for patients with acute pain presentation, irritable flare ups, neuropathic pain, diffused pain and degenerative pathologies such as osteoarthritis. EMTT® is highly tolerated, even with the most painful conditions such as rheumatic patients.

    Who is a good candidate?

    Magnetolith EMTT® is the only approved electromagnetic therapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases of the muscle, bone, joints, nerves, tendons and tissues. The effectiveness of electromagnetic transduction therapy in contributing to pain reduction for:

    • Degenerative joint diseases: Signs of wear and tear – e.g. arthrosis (a common cause of shoulder pain, knee, hip hands, elbow), herniated disc, spondylarthrosis
    • Pain therapy: Chronic pain – e.g. back pain, lumbalgia, tension, radiculopathies, heel pain
    • Sports injuries: Chronic inflammation of tendons and joints – eg. tendon overload syndrome, osteitis pubis
    • Patients may also be referred for EMTT treatment by the traumatology department as a follow up to surgery on injuries caused by violence or accidents.